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About us

The Topiary is proud to be the largest retail crystal carrier in Northern Ontario, from small tumbled stones to larger, higher quality show piece crystals. We also offer a wide variety of aromatherapy, and a great selection of smudge, singing bowls, mediation supplies, books, tarot cards, gifts and more.

What we offer


The Topiary is proud to say that we have the largest variety of crystal in Muskoka. We only choose the best quality crystal, from your everyday stones to your larger and more rare pieces. 


All of our Love tree aromatherapy is made with love in house. We make and carry a wide variety of essential oils, bath salts and sprays. 


The Topiary carries a variety of smudge herbs including, white sage, cedar and more. We also carry a variety of smudging feathers and incense. 

Singing Bowls

Hand crafted, ancient singing bowls to crystal singing bowls. 


We offer a wide variety of tarot cards. Cards you can use when you need new crystals to cards that will give you daily guidance. 

Upcoming Events

Crystal Bowl Meditaion

Monday January 21st, 5:45pm-6:45pm

Join Becca for an hour of Crystal Bowl Meditation on our Full Moon in Leo. The energy of the full moon amplifies everything that is going on within our mind, body and spirit, making it important to keep our thoughts and actions in check. Meditation during this time can allow you for a deeper connection to your inner self and nature, creating stillness, mindfulness and an overall calm. It is a time to fulfill what you started at the New Moon, let go, and to bring your focus back to your intentions.

Practicing meditation with a Crystal Bowl sound bath helps us to stay focused, to be present and allow our bodies to rest, reset, and recharge. Meditation to the sound of the bowls can help to reduce stress and anxiety, increase mental and emotional clarity, help in energy and Chakra balancing, promote stillness, happiness and well being.

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, or whatever makes you the most comfortable.
Class fee is by donation.
Contact the store to sign up! 

Coming Soon...
New Moon Meditation with a gentle Yoga practice.
Join Annie and Becca for a gentle evening to reset, recharge and begin the moon cycle with positive intention. 15min of meditation with Crystal Bowls will open and close our evening, with half an hour of gentle yoga in between.
Class fee $25 per person. 


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