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The Topiary is proud to be the largest retail crystal carrier in Northern Ontario, from small tumbled stones to larger, higher quality show piece crystals. We also offer a wide variety of aromatherapy, made in house, and a great selection of smudge, singing bowls, mediation and yoga supplies, books, tarot cards, gifts and more. 

Events Calendar

May 18th

Crystal Bowl Mediation with Victoria. 

This will be from 5:30-6:30.

$25.00 per person. (Cash Only)

Bring your own yoga mat, mediation pillow or blanket. 

Message to sign up. 

May 30th

Crystal Basics with Victoria and Becca.

This will be 5:30-6:30.

30$ Per Person (Cash Only)

Includes basic crystal set, crystal worksheet and an opportunity to ask your own crystal questions.  

Crystal Basics will cover the basics of crystals, how to use them, cleansing your crystals, and basic crystal information.

What we offer


The Topiary is proud to say that we have the largest variety of crystal in Muskoka. We only choose the best quality crystal, from your everyday stones to your larger and more rare pieces. 


All of our Love tree aromatherapy is made with love in house. We make and carry a wide variety of essential oils, bath salts and sprays. 


The Topiary carries a variety of smudge herbs including, white sage, cedar and more. We also carry a variety of smudging feathers and incense. 

Singing Bowls

Hand crafted, ancient singing bowls to crystal singing bowls. 


We offer a wide variety of tarot cards. Cards you can use when you need new crystals to cards that will give you daily guidance. 


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Located at 42 Main st. E Huntsville, Ontario

The Topiary



Monday- Saturday 10:00-5:00

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