Essential Oils

We offer a wide variety of essential oils that are made in house with no additives. Essential oils are great when added to a defuser and released into the room. They are also great for skin care, added to oils for massage, and some are an excellent aid in meditation. 

Essential Oils Sprays

Our essential oils sprays are also made in house with no extra additives, they are made purely of our essential oils. Essential oil sprays are a great way of releasing essential oils into the air, when inhaled by the nose, the odour molecules are received by the olfactory nerve. This nerve contains about 50 million smell receptors. Once impulses are received, they are then transmitted to the limbic system in the brain, which influences the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system. 

Bath salts

Bath salts are also made in house using  only the finest Dead Sea salts and pure essential oils. Each bag is then energized with a quartz crystal and prepared with love. 


Our oils are great for mixing with essential oils for skin care, massage oil and more.