Bergamot is a citrus fruit grown in Tropical regions and Europe. A form of cold compression extracts bergamot oil, which is not typical for extracting your most common essential oils. Bergamot essential oil has many different uses from skin care to relieving feelings of stress and anxiety.

Health Benefits of Bergamot

   By increasing blood circulation in the body Bergamot oil gives you feelings of happiness, joy, and leaving you feel refreshed and energized. Bergamot helps aid in digestion by regulating metabolic rates and increasing secretion of digestive juices, insulin and bile. It also helps increase nutrient absorption in the body; this helps you fully absorb the vitamins and minerals in your food, absorbing vitamin D from sunlight or even oils your using on your skin. Bergamot doesn’t only help with nutrient absorption but helps with assimilation, and decomposition of sugars.  

     Bergamot has antibiotic properties, helping eliminate bacteria, viruses and protozoans. It can help eliminate infections in the colon, intestines, urinary tract, and kidneys and kills intestinal worms. By adding a few drops of Bergamot to the abdomen it is absorbed by the skin and kills the worms. The anti-biotic properties of Bergamot help reduce the risk of tetanus, infection to wounds, and used as mouthwash can reduce cavities or oral infection. Bergamot also helps increase the functions of respiratory, excretory, circulatory and nervous systems.  

     Bergamot can be used to boost the immune system, and used as a pain reliever to eliminate headaches, muscle aches and pains, joint pain, sprains or other pains in the body. It relieves nerve tension, relieving feelings of bad anxiety, and stress, which in the long run helps reduce blood pressure, depression and insomnia. By relieving spasms in the body it can have the same relieving effect on someone with a bad cough or asthma. It’s also great for clearing phlegm and reducing coughing all together.

     Bergamot oil is a great alternative to harsh, chemical pain relieving products or cold medicines. Combined with Eucalyptus and rub on chest for clearing respiratory system and signs of cough.    

Bergamot For Skin Care

    Bergamot is commonly used in skin and hair care products. It eliminates and prevents growth of bacteria or viruses on the skin. Bergamot helps wounds heal faster, scars or blemishes to dissipate, and helps even the distribution of melanin in the skin, making it look more toned and even. Bergamot reduces acne and helps heal scars from old acne.  

 Bergamot also makes a great natural deodorant by eliminating bacteria that causes bad body odor. Bergamot can be added to a DIY deodorant, added to something you already own or placed directly on the skin.


Relieving Cold Symptoms

    Mix 5 drops of Bergamot with 3 drops of Eucalyptus. Rub this into the chest and throat. If signs of stomach distress add 10 drops of Bergamot to the abdomen as well. 

    The combination of the two oils will help eliminate phlegm in the throat, congestion in the nose and head, and can help ease signs of digestive issues. 

Bergamot Blends Well With

     Bergamot oil blends well with pretty much any essential oil. Suggested blends include Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Rosemary, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.