Crystal Meanings


Onyx known to be the “Maser of ones destiny” is a stone of strength and protection, connecting, grounding and stabilizing the body to Earth energies. It provides protection by absorbing and transforming negative energy and helps to prevent ones personal energy of being drained. It helps to ground and stabilize the emotions while building physical and emotional strength. Onyx provides strength in confusing or stressful times, calming any anxiety, nervousness and fear. It helps to sooth tempers, and brings self-control, self-confidence and focus aiding in wise decision-making. It provides the inner-strength to allow one to re-evaluate and release old habits or relationships that may be holding one back. Onyx is a great support stone for those who may be grieving or in denial, assisting in the healing process of acceptance and moving forward. 


Opal is a stone of “happy dreams and change” it encourages inner growth by providing inspiration, creativity, motivation and success. It helps to shield you from absorbing others negative thoughts and energies. Opal shows you where to direct your energy in a positive way, helping to ease restless thoughts, stress and depression. It inspires positive change and brings happiness by showing you that you have unlimited potential. Opal encourages you to express your true self, making you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. It encourages you to be more spontaneous and live life to its fullest. It promotes kindness, love, passion and generosity. Opal provides support to mothers-to-be, helping to dissolve any fear, worry or doubts during pregnancy and the early years of a new born. It is soothing to children who have trouble sleeping or have recurring nightmares, promoting peaceful sleep and happy dreams. 


Opalite is a highly energetic stone, which helps balance yin and yang energies and removes any blockages from the Chakras. It helps increase self-esteem, self worth and increases memory while soothing any instabilities or stress. Opalite is ideal for meditation and improves communication on all levels especially spiritual. Opalite is a great stone when entering a time of transition bringing ambition and the ability to overcome exhaustion and fatigue. It helps bring good health, wealth and success in business. Opalite is also useful in cleansing the blood and kidneys. 

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is a powerful energizer and cleansing stone. It assists in coming to terms with life change, allowing you to release old behaviours, beliefs and ways of thinking that are no longer relevant. It replaces any negativity with positive energy allowing motivation to flow and making room for new ideas, creativity and growth. It removes any blockages that may be in the way of discovering ones true potential and path in life. Orange Calcite strengthens will and balances the emotions, helping to remove fear and depression.  


Peridot is one of the 12 traditional birthstones and aligns with Leo’s. Peridot is found in many locations around the world and is one of the only stones that only come in one color. Peridot has been used for metaphysical properties throughout our history. The ancient Egyptians called Peridot “the gem of the sun” and it was sacred to Sun God Ra and Mother Goddess, ISIS. Peridot is believed to help increase your optimism and increases positive attitude. Peridot helps increase inner strength of all kinds, while giving you more energy, decreasing anxiety and nightmares. Christian Methodology used Peridot to help one see a higher power. Peridot is still used for this but the higher power does not necessarily mean God.

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is the transformation of wood to stone by the process of per mineralization. Silicate material, usually Quartz, replaces the wood, keeping the wood structure. It takes about 100 years for wood to become petrified then the wood decays completely. Petrified wood is a stone of transformation, allowing you to become who you want to be; it helps you through hard, or uncertain times. It can be calming relieving fear, panic and anxiety and increases feelings of security, stability and well-being. It is great in mediation filtering out what isn’t important and helps you focus on what is. It helps one stop obsessing about what cannot be controlled. Petrified wood is grounding, aligning the root chakra and the third eye. 

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is nurturing and protecting, holding a deep connection to the Earth it is know as the “Stone of Global Awareness”. Picture Jasper brings comfort and alleviates any fear, anxiety and stress. It grounds us, providing the courage and wisdom we need for emotional healing. It gently brings hidden/repressed feelings to the surface, allowing us to come to terms with past emotions and allowing them to become lessons, bringing deep healing. Picture Jasper encourages ecological responsibility, reminding us not to solely focus on ourselves but to bring joy and substance to the Earth and those around us. Used in meditation Picture Jasper allows one to merge with Earth’s consciousness.  

Pink Mangano Calcite

Pink Mangano Calcite reduces stress and anxiety bringing in peace and serenity. It releases fears and nightmares while opening up the heart and energizing the higher chakras. When used during meditation or energy work it clears and calms the mind. It boosts self-esteem and self-confidence and helps let go of what no longer serves you. Pink Mangano Calcite boosts your energy with a soothing effect and increases memory, making it a good study aid. Pink Mangano Calcite is good for anyone who has suffered emotional trauma, such as a lost love one, bad break up or emotional abuse. It can also be useful for those who suppress emotions, by allowing them to be brought out and worked through.  

Purple Tourmaline

Purple Tourmaline stimulates healing of the heart and produces loving consciousness. This stone helps connect the heart to the root chakra; and unblocks the third eye. Purple Tourmaline reduces depression and releases obsessional thoughts. 


Pyrite is an excellent energy shield blocking out negative energy and pollutants of all kinds. It is a very positive stone and helps relieve feelings of anxiety and frustration, while boosting feelings of self-worth and confidence. Pyrite helps to energize the area around it, making it great for any workspace to increase clarity, focus, creativity and vitality. Pyrite helps to align the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. 


Quartz is one of the oldest and most versatile crystals for healing. Known as “The Master Healer” is holds a high energy for all healing and teaching purposes. Being the most versatile and multidimensional crystal its beneficial for healing, meditation, communication, love, prosperity, strength and clarity. It amplifies all energies and intent, creating a strong base for spiritual growth, opening up the heart and mind to a higher purpose. Placed with other stones it amplifies and enhances their energies. Quartz also respells negativity and brings a positive light into ones life. Quartz can cancel out the negative effects of radiation/radioactivity. Quartz harmonizes, aligns and activates all 7 chakras.  

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone has a strong connection to the divine and is a powerful emotional healer. It has a calming energy that helps to balance the emotions, bringing mental clarity, creativity, freedom and self-appreciation. It helps to ease the mind and senses acting as a grounding stone allowing one to feel balanced and in harmony with the universe. Its calming energies remind us to simply “be” making it a great tool for meditation. Rainbow Moonstone connects us with the divine and channels it to our intuition, allowing one to see and accept our own power. It opens the Third Eye and Crown chakras, while aligning and activating all chakras, defusing light energy throughout the aura. 

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian is considered one of the more gentle Obsidians but also a powerful protective stone. Rainbow Obsidian is great for healing the heart and cutting old ties. It is great for identifying flaws within yourself and helps you see where you can change to make your weaknesses into strengths. Rainbow Obsidian draws off negative thoughts, and stress, helping those who are sensitive from feeling depressed. This stone is great in meditation to help you shine light on the dark, unresolved issues you may have. It brings light and love into your life and lets you recognize your true spiritual nature. Rainbow Obsidian also helps relieve shock and fear. 

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine re-energizes you allowing you to focus and overcome life challenges. It gives you determination and a new perspective to achieve life goals. Red Aventurine inspires creativity and sexuality. It renews excitement and confidence to make desires a reality. Red Aventurine encourages self-forgiveness and helps those who are scared of commitment. Red Aventurine also absorbs electromagnetic smog and helps guard against any environmental pollutants. 

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a stone of endurance that brings strength, stamina, focus, energy and determination. It calms ones emotional body, soothing the nerves and creating balance, stability and strength to the aura. Red Jasper is a powerful protection stone, keeping you grounded and calm while eliminating negativity from your energetic field. It brings passion and creativity, helping one to create and complete goals. It brings the courage to allow you to face unpleasant tasks, and to look past the ego to admit and fix when you may have been wrong. Used in meditation it provides stability to the root and sacral chakras, aiding in the rise of Kundalini energy. It has a deep connection to Earth energies, spirits and guides, making it a powerful stone for Shamans and those who work with Earth energies. Red Jasper helps to increase focus when establishing spiritual discipline. 

Red Tiger's Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye (or Bull’s Eye) is a protective and stimulating stone. It helps to deflect any unwanted energy, and has a fierceness to it that shields from bullying of any kind. It is particularly good at creating and maintaining a healthy and positive self-image, assisting one to build strength, courage and self-confidence. Red Tiger’s Eye is a very stimulating stone that replaces lethargy and procrastination with motivation. It helps to unblock creativity and brings inspiration, helping to increase determination and putting thought out plans into action.


Rhodochrosite is a stone of universal love and healing, it emits a tender loving energy that soothes the heart, comforts the soul and brings inner peace. It creates a positive attitude and brings courage, allowing a free flow of love and expression, and inspires one to follow their dreams. Rhodochrosite resonates with our inner-child, helping us to re-claim joy, playfulness and creativity. It allows us to acknowledge and heal suppressed feelings, past traumas, and childhood hardships, letting us release any destructive copping mechanisms we may have taken on, bringing emotional balance and happiness. Through childhood healing, it allows us to understand and forgive our parents for their actions, strengthening the bond we have with them. Rhodochrosite brings self-love, forgiveness and acceptance, making it easy to welcome new love into our life through friendship or romance. Rhodochrosite is beneficial to anyone in transition, especially to those who may be coming out of a relationship, starting at a new school, job, or moving to a new place, making it easier to create new relationships.


Rhodonite is a supportive stone, working with the heart to balance emotions and attract universal love. Rhodonite grounds you while processing and dealing with painful issues, releasing any anxiety, panic, or shock, helping you to stay centered. It teaches forgiveness to both yourself and others, gently releasing self-destructive tenancies, resentment, anger, and jealousy allowing you to view both sides of a problem. It allows you to see what may need to be improved or released in ones life without any self-criticism, judgment or negativity. Rhodonite empowers one to reach their full potential, bringing focus to natural gifts and showing one how to use them for the good of all to achieve universal love. 


Rhyolite is a self-love stone helping one feel more confident and builds their self-esteem and self-worth. Rhyolite helps us realize our own strengths and calms us during hard times, while relieving anxiety. Rhyolite clears emotion blockages and cleanses any negativity from the heart. Rhyolite helps focus on what is important and opens our minds to new perspectives and positive transformation. It increases creativity and helps us recognize our highest potential and achieve it. Rhyolite also helps balance feminine and masculine sides. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a great stone for the heart chakra and promotes unconditional love and infinite peace. Rose Quartz promotes inner healing, self-love, encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance and invokes self-trust and self-worth. Rose Quartz is a calming stone (working well with Amethyst) to aid in times of crisis. This stone draws negative energy out and replaces it with love. Rose Quartz also helps release unexpressed emotions and heartache. 



Ruby In Fuchsite

The combination of Ruby and Fuchsite make this a great stone for the heart chakra. It opens the heart of any blockages filling it with positive, loving energy. When placed on the third eye it unlocks the heart to receive psychic awareness. Ruby in Fuchsite brings satisfaction, peace and inspiration into your life. It can be used to transform destructive, negative energy into positive, hopeful energy. It makes you aware of your problems, your individuality and relieves emotional stress, while helping you deal with life issues. When used in meditation it can enhance meditative state by opening the crown chakra.

Ruby Ziosite

Ruby Zoisite connects the heart and crown chakras, creating a balance between passion, patience and amplifying spiritual growth. It transmits negative energy into positive energy, helping to prevent over-reacting and mood swings. Ruby Zoisite helps relieve pain and sorrow, as well as enhancing empathy and compassion to those who may be going through a difficult situation. It helps to stimulate feelings of happiness and appreciation of what you have, and helps you to understand yourself and the world around you. 

Rudraksha Seeds


Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is most commonly used to gain psychic powers by increasing other psychic stone properties. It helps allow you to understand things others may not. Rutilated Quartz allows you to see your metal health and physiological problems more clearly and helps you solve any problems you may find. Rutilated Quartz is helpful in therapy, allowing you to filter out any negative energy and offer support. It allows you to reach the root of a problem and allows easier transition or change. Rutilated Quartz acts as an antidepressant, soothing bad moods, anxiety, fear, phobias and loneliness. It makes you feel more energized and promotes forgiveness. 




Selenite is a protective stone and an excellent tool for meditation and spiritual work, helping to speed up the process of spiritual growth/transformation. Used in meditation it aids in connecting to ones guides, guardians, angelic realms and higher self, also aiding in accessing ones past and future lives. Selenite protects a person or space from outside energies, dispelling any negativity. It is particularly effective in crystal gridding of a space or home to create a safe peaceful space. Selenite brings clarity in confusing or stressful times, allowing one to see a positive outcome. It brings deep peace and tranquility, helping to calm and sooth any anxiety.

Septarion Nodule



Serpentine is a powerful healing stone as well as a protective talisman for the heart. It has a strong energy that assists in the rise of Kundalini energy, and helps to clear any blockages from the Chakras. Serpentine is a powerful tool in mediation, helping to restore and heal the mind, body and spirit. It assists one with connecting to the Earths energy for the purpose of healing the Earth. Serpentine is a stone of manifestation, helping you to attract what you want in life and bringing you inner-strength to follow your dreams.

Shiva Lingam

MYA a meteor hit Earth in India leaving meteor iron oxide and ambient rock. When the Narmada River began to flow the oval shaped Shiva Lingam formed. The red patterns in the Shiva are meteor material and represent the feminine aspect while the gray represents the masculine. Shiva Lingam is a sacred stone in Hindu traditions symbolizing the Lord Shiva. It holds a high vibration that connects us to Mother Earth and is believed to be a vessel that holds life force energy and all its mystery. Used in meditation Shiva can activate all seven chakras, and enhance inner transformation providing overall health and well-being. It helps bring unity, reminding us to love ourselves and love the differences in others. Shiva Lingam brings vitality, physical strength, acceptance and spiritual enlightenment. It aids those with insomnia, and is powerful for healing the reproductive system. 


Shungite was discovered in a village in Russia called Shunga. But its history didn’t start there. It has a rich history and its origin is believed to date back about 2 billion years ago. Shungite is known to be a protective stone, shielding bad luck and eliminating the negative people from your life. Shungite has a strong ability to focus energy while grounding you. Shungite is commonly used in elixirs to purify water and improve your health. Shungite helps amplify mediation and magic and can be used to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a protective healer, with a strong link to the earth its one of the most powerful grounding and anchoring stones. It wards off negative thoughts and energies, helping to relieve stress, anxiety and depression, leaving an overall emotional calm and welcoming positive thought. It enhances ones survival instinct assisting in reaching any personal or business goals, making ones dreams manifest into reality. Smoky Quartz protects against all kinds of electromagnetic smog, making it an excellent healer for radiation related illness. Smoky Quartz helps to align the higher chakras through the Root Chakra.

Snakeskin Jasper

Snakeskin Jasper is a great stone for comforting you through difficult times in your life, by enhancing compassion and sense of duty. It helps rid of old habitats and embrace change. Snakeskin Jasper is grounding, calming, protecting and helps you stay on your true life path. This is a stone of courage and determination, helping with organization, focus and motivation. Snakeskin Jasper stimulates creativity and imagination. This stone can be useful to enhance dream recall. Snakeskin Jasper holds no negative energies and can help boost a positive environment when used while smudging. 

Snow Quartz

Snow Quartz is a stone of clarity and innocence; with a gentle and more soothing vibration then clear Quartz. It brings out ones innocence and inn child-like wonder, inspiring us to see the magic that surrounds us in the world. It has an uplifting energy that makes you feel as though you are limitless. Snow Quartz sooths the mind and rids of negative thoughts and emotions, giving you support when going through life lessons and bringing a more positive perspective. It heightens ones intuition and mental clarity, allowing new things to be learned and retained effortlessly and with confidence. It helps to sharpen the mind and keep you alert and focused in tense or chaotic times. Used in meditation it connects you to your inner power, strengthening your spiritual will and assisting in connecting to the higher self and spirit guides. Because of the positive energies surrounding it Snow Quartz is known to bring luck and prosperity to ones life. 

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of the self, bringing protection, grounding, and balance to the mind, body and spirit. It clears any negativity from a person as well as the space it is used in. Snowflake Obsidian makes you feel calm and supported, helping to remove fear, pain and worry so that you can stay focused in times of chaos. It helps to bring logical thinking, allowing one to retain new information and remember what is important. Snowflake Obsidian helps turn weaknesses into strengths and heals harmful thought patterns, bringing a feeling of security to who you are. It helps you achieve what you want in life by inspiring hope and positive ideas, while helping you to see opportunities you may not have in the past.


Sodalite has a strong connection to the mind with a calming effect. It calms and balances the emotions making way for strong clear thought process, encouraging one to be true to their self and stand up for their beliefs. It heightens intuition, brings focus, creativity and logic helping one to find efficient ways of dealing with day-to-day tasks and decisions. Having a strong connection with the third eye and throat chakras Sodalite aids in issues of self-worth, self-expression and self-esteem. . It is beneficial to anyone with panic attacks, fears/phobias or anxiety. 




Stilbite is a creative and very intuitive stone that emits a soft calming energy, using the Heart chakra to open and heal the higher chakras. It helps to de-clutter the mind and bring focus and organization to daily tasks, helping put intuitive thoughts into action. It enhances creativity, allowing it to flow through the mind and into reality. Stilbite carries a very supportive energy that allows one freedom from any fears or external influences that may be holding them back from making decisions about their path in life, promoting positive change and building self-confidence. Using Stilbite though meditation brings inner peace and assists one in reaching higher consciousness.


Stomatolite is made from a bio-chemical accretionary structure that occurs in shallow water by trapping, binding and cementation of sedimentary grains by bio-films. Some Stomatolite found can date back 3.7 BYA and can contain ancient life. It is still being created today from the same process as it was 3.7 BYA and can be found in salt and fresh water, caves and more. 

Stomatolite is believed to be a stone of transformation. It holds Earth energize allowing us to understand life and our purpose in it. It can help you remove blockages from the meridians and chakras. Stomatolite is a good mediation stone and can assist in past life recall.




Sunstone is a stone of abundance and joy that nurtures the spirit. Sunstone brings emotional strength and protects one from those who may be draining their energies, by removing their emotional hooks from you and leaving a feeling of being surrounded with love and positive energy. It teaches one to nurture their self in order to nurture and help others, making it beneficial to those who may have trouble saying “no”. It helps to restore independence and originality by bringing empowerment to one and restoring confidence and self-worth, allowing any self-doubt or fears to be released. Sunstone lifts depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder and helps to alleviate fearfulness and stress, especially in those with phobias.

Tangerine Aura


Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz is a naturally orange crystal that is activating and energizing to the sacral chakra. This stone can help with balancing emotions and increases evolution of ones inner self. Tangerine Quartz is useful in relationships by balancing receiving and giving. It promotes creativity and sexuality. This stone can also be used for healing the reproductive system or weight loss. 

It can also be used for healing the reproductive system or weight loss. 

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s eye provides the protection of the sun and earth combine. It assists in bringing out courage and integrity, as well as healing issues of self worth and self-criticism. Tiger’s Eye helps to calm the mind allowing scattered thoughts and feelings to become more coherent and whole, bringing focus and stability. It assists in unblocking creativity allowing you to recognize your talents and abilities as well as any faults that need to be overcome. Tiger’s Eye is highly supportive for those with an addictive personality, anchoring change in the body. 

Tree Agate





Ukanite heals the heart and mind and resonates with frequencies of kindness, compassion and love. Ukanite is useful when trying to balance emotions and helps release negative emotions in a healthy way. It helps lift your spirit, eliminates bad habitats, and increases your patience and persistence. Ukanite helps those who feel lost, overwhelmed or have trouble focusing. Ukanite is also great for sensitive children or those who have been through disappointment, sorrow or grief.


Vanadinite helps boost creativity in everyday life. It is especially beneficial for writers. Vanadanite is great for increasing energy, motivation, organization and determination. Vanadinite is great for those who need a boost of energy to help them organize and achieve their goals. It encourages self expression and helps you express your ideas. Vanadinite is a great stone for your office to help you succeed. It can also help clear thoughts.

White Onyx

 White Onyx is a very stabilizing and protective stone. It holds many of the same properties as Onyx, protecting one from negative energy, stabilizing emotions, providing inner-strength, and bringing support to those who need it. White Onyx helps to stabilize one by promoting sureness and positivity while making decisions, big or small. It helps us to trust ourselves and release any resistance when it is time for a change or time to move forward from what no longer serves us. White Onyx allows one to feel centered bringing focus and allowing information to be easily retained and helping to increase ones memory. Resonating with the crown and third eye Chakras, it increases psychic senses, inner vision and insight.  

Yellow Calcite


Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade is an energetic and stimulating stone with a calm mellowness. It brings joy and happiness to your life, as well as luck. It helps in teaching you that all being are connected and aids in letting go of material things, ego, selfishness and greed. Yellow Jade aids in meditation and visualization, promoting awareness and compassion.

Yellow Turquoise

Yellow Turquoise is jasper with hematite but received its name because it looks like a yellow Turquoise. Yellow Turquoise enhances creativity, communication and intuition. It can help increase personal energy levels while providing a protective shield. Yellow Turquoise promotes balance and harmony in your life while allowing you to think more positively. This stone is calming and when worn can bring a gentle, relaxing day. Yellow Turquoise brings mental clarity and awareness and helps you find wisdom in your experiences. Yellow Turquoise will also help bring more love into your relationships. 

Zebra Jasper