Uses for Frankincense Oil


    Frankincense is a common essential oils with many different uses. Frankincense oil is made from a resin that comes from Boswellia Carterii or Biswekkua Sacara tree, most commonly grown in Somalia. Frankincense can be inhaled, absorbed by the skin and in some cases ingested. Caution: Make sure that if you are to ingest essential oils of any sort that they are 100% pure and do not say fragrance or perfume on the bottle. Also ask the distributor if they are edible essential oils.   


    Frankincense aroma can relieve anxiety, reduce stress and give you feelings of peace, relaxation and satisfaction. The scent of Frankincense is a calming and grounding scent that can help relieve stress and insomnia. It can be used in a diffuser or added to a bath. Adding Frankincense to a bath gives you the added benefits of its skin care properties.   

   Frankincense has antiseptic properties, which helps eliminates harmful bacteria and/or viruses. Frankincense resin has been burned in the home throughout our recent history to prevent cold and flus from spreading. Frankincense essential oil can work the same way when diffused in the home. Frankincense also makes a great additive to DIY natural cleaning products. (Recipe below).  

     Frankincense can be used to relieve indigestive issues, such as digestive distress, constipation, gas, stomach aches and pains, PMS, and cramps. Mixing 2 drops of essential oil with 8 ounces of water can help with these digestive problems (caution: make sure that your essential oil is edible). 

     Frankincense improves the respiratory system, it can prevent and relieve respiratory infections, coughs, reduces phlegm in the lungs and has anti-inflammatory properties. Frankincense  helps with bronchitis by clearing out congestion from the nasal, larynx, pharynx, bronchi, and the lungs.  

     Since Frankincense is an antiseptic it is great for boosting the immune system; it eliminates any harmful bacteria and/or viruses from the body and doesn’t allow any new ones to attach. Frankincense tones and boosts many different systems of the body including: respiratory, nervous and excretory system; and increases absorption of nutrients into the body. 

Skin Care

   Frankincense oil is an amazing skin care essential oil. It has many different benefits for your skin and its overall health. Frankincense has many properties that help strength and protect skin cells. Frankincense helps get rid of and prevent acne, reduces blemishes, appearance of large pores, and has anti-aging effects that help prevent wrinkles and even lift and tighten skin to slow signs of aging. Frankincense heals scars, stretch marks, burns and wounds. It reduces dark spots on the skin, including reduction of dark circles under the eyes. Frankincense can be massaged into the skin to help relieve joint pain, muscle pain and arthritis.   

DIY Natural Cleaner

 All of the essential oils in this cleaning recipe have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties making this a great cleaner for all areas of the house. The great part about making your own cleaner from essential oils is that it is natural containing no harsh chemicals and does not harm the environment. 

 This amount of essential oil for the cleaner was measured with pure essential oils, if your essential oils are not pure you should consider adding more oil to the mix. 

1-Cup Water  

15-20 Drops Peppermint oil  

10-15 Drops Eucalyptus  

10 Drops Lemongrass 

10 Drops Lemon

10 Drops Frankincense  

10- 15 Drops Tea Tree  

 Not all of these ingredients need to be used in your cleaner. But would recommend keeping peppermint and at least 3 others.   

Facial Oil

 While reading about frankincense you can get a better understand of how amazing it really is for skin care. There are many oils that sit very heavy on the face and can actually make eyes look heavier and more tired. Grapeseed oil is easily absorbed by the skin and makes great oil for your face.  

This amount of essential oil for this facial mix was measured with pure essential oils, if your essential oils are not pure you should consider adding more oil to the mix.   

120ml Grapeseed oil  

4ml Frankincense 

Extras you can add:  

20ml Hemp Oil (not the best smelling oil but a small amount mixed with the frankincense and you can hardly smell it and it contains so many benefits of its own for the skin).   

5-10 Drops Neroli 

5-10 Drops Sandalwood   

5-10 Drops Lavender 

Immune Booster Mix

 This is a good mix of essential oils that have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that can help keep you healthy and get rid of cold or flus.

Not all of these essential oils need to be used for this mix but it is recommended that the first four essential oils be used.

2 Parts Tea Tree Oil 

2 Parts Peppermint Oil 

2 Parts Eucalyptus Oil  

2 Parts Frankincense Oil  

1 Part Pine

1 Part Rosemary  

1 Part Cinnamon   

1 part Germanium   

Frankincense Blends Well With

Lemon, Lavender, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Pine, Orange, Neroli and Roman Chamomile.