Neroli is one of the three essential oils that come from an Orange tree. Orange oil comes from an orange peel, Petitgrain comes from the leaves and Neroli comes from the flowers of the orange tree. The flowers must be hand picked with care and processed by stream-distillation soon after they are picked. 


     Neroli is a great essential oil for women who are experiencing PMS, menopause or stress from approaching labor. Neroli is a safe and suggested oil to use when going into labor because it helps reduce any stress and anxiety you may be having about giving birth. It also helps relieve symptoms of PMS and is amazing for anyone going through menopause. By inhaling Neroli it decreases diastolic blood pressure, improves serum cortisol level, heart rate and estrogen concentration. Neroli increases sexual drive and reduces blood pressure in those going through postmenopausal symptoms. Neroli improves the overall function of the endocrine system and relieves any stress. 

     Neroli is an anti-inflammatory, reducing both chronic and acute inflammation. It reduces central and peripheral sensitivity to pain. Add Neroli to carrier oil and rub on inflamed area or area in pain. 

     Neroli has an immediate and positive effect on blood pressure. It decreases systolic and diastolic blood pressure and salivary cortisol levels. 

     Neroli is an antimicrobial and an antioxidant. It has proved to fight many different bacteria, yeast and it works extremely well on fungi. 

     Neroli has anti-seizure and anticonvulsant properties. Since Neroli has biologically active constituents it can help to reduce convulsions. 

     Neroli can be used to reduce headaches, purify the air and so much more.

Skin Care

     Neroli is another great essential oil for the skin. It helps to regenerate skin cells and helps improve the elasticity of the skin. Neroli can help all skin types by regulating the oil balance in the skin. It can help reduce wrinkles, rashes, scars, stretch marks, skin conditions caused by stress and bacterial skin conditions. Neroli can be added to carrier oil or lotion.