There are many different types of patchouli growing in India, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. In India patchouli oil is used in shawls and fabrics to prevent moths from eating away at the material. This is an old practice and has been used since the 1800’s. It is commonly used for perfume and is most commonly known as the hippy generation scent. 

     Patchouli essential oil comes from a plant with the genus Pogostemon that is in the same family as lavender, mint and sage. 


     Patchouli like the other members of its family (mint, lavender and sage) has many great health benefits. Patchouli has antichloristic properties, which help reduce inflammation both externally and internally. Add to carrier oil and rub on the problem area. 

     Being an antiseptic, patchouli can help to prevent infection, helping heal and protect cuts, wounds, bug bites, boils, and pox from infection. Patchouli fights fungal infections including athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. Patchouli can help prevent and eliminate colds and flus. If a fever strikes Patchouli helps to eliminate the virus and reduces inflammation to cool the body. Patchouli essential oil contains a cooling effect when applied to the skin so adding a few drops with carrier oil will help cool feverish skin.  

     Patchouli is a natural antidepressant. When inhaled it can effect hormones and encourages the release of dopamine and serotonin. When these are released it helps to eliminate anger, anxiety and feelings of anxiousness. Patchouli also stimulates hormones in the body, increasing libido, testostone and estrogen levels. This makes patchouli a great natural remedy for erectile dysfunction and impotency.  

     Patchouli is a tonic, meaning it helps to tone the stomach, liver and intestines. This toning helps decompose and absorb nutrient better, which in turn increases body health and energy. To see these metabolic system benefits Patchouli can be inhaled, taken through supplement or added to water (make sure you have an edible essential oil). 

     Patchouli is a natural sedative, helping to ease the mind to allow a better night sleep. A good night sleep is important for all other health. 

     Patchouli is a natural diuretic. By increasing urination unwanted toxins are being flushed from the body.  This can helps with obesity, high blood pressure, clear toxins and more. 

Bug Repellent

     Patchouli can be added to lotion, sprays or can be added to lava bracelet or personal diffuser to help keep bugs away. It helps keep mosquitoes, fleas, ants, lice, moths and flies away.

Skin and Hair Care 

     Patchouli can help reduce hair loss when added to conditioner or directly to the hair. Patchouli helps to contract muscles keeping skin from sagging and it helps regenerate new skin cells keeping skin looking healthy and young. Patchouli can be used as a natural deodorant. It helps mask the smell of body odor, while fighting off any germs or fungi.