Roman Chamomile


     Chamomile is one of our oldest, widest spread and most well documented medical plant in the world. It has long been made into tea for its calming and healing properties and is now used in an essential oil form. There are two types of Chamomile, Roman and German. Roman Chamomile oil is steam-distilled from the flower of the plant. Roman Chamomile has about 120 secondary metabolites that have been identified including, 36 flavonoids and 28 terpenioids. 


     Roman Chamomile is a mild sedative making it a great oil to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, calm the nerves and promote a better night sleep. By inhaling Roman Chamomile it reduces stress and increases feelings of relaxation, drowsiness and calmness. Add to a diffuser with Neroli and lavender for a great night sleep. 

     Roman Chamomile is an antimicrobial and an antioxidant making it a good natural treatment for allergies. It has commonly been used to treat hay fever, and can relieve mucus congestion, irrigations, swelling and skin conditions caused by allergens. It can also be applied to the skin to help reduces irritations caused by food allergies. 

     Roman Chamomile has antispasmodic properties, which help to reduce symptoms of PMS including, cramps, lower back pain, and depression. 

     Roman Chamomile can be used to relieve gastrointestinal conditions by relaxing the gut for easier digestion of food. It can help to treat gas, leaky gut, indigestion, diarrhea, acid reflex, vomiting and can help relieve nausea. Add Roman Chamomile essential oil to carrier oil and rub over stomach and gut. 

     Roman Chamomile promotes a healthily heart. It has a high level of flavonoids that helps protect cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and relaxes the heart. 

Roman Chamomile is easily absorbed by the skin and reaches deep layers of skin. This allows its anti-inflammatory properties to work very well on arthritis or other pains caused by inflammation. Apply to areas that are in pain or add to bath. 

     Although studies have only just begun, Roman Chamomile shows promising anti-cancer properties. It shows that there is a minimal growth effect in normal cells and a significant reduction in growth in certain human cancer cell lines (1).

Child Care

     Roman Chamomile is one of the gentlest essential oils there is and it is safe to use on children and infants. It can be used to reduce fevers, treat diaper rash, calm children, sooth stomach aches and is a great oil to use for children who have ADD or ADHD. 

Skin Care

     Roman Chamomile helps to promote smooth, healthy skin. It is an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial making it great for skin irritations, eczema, gout, bruises, wounds, ulcers, burns, canker sores, cracked nipples, chicken pox, ear or eye infections, poison ivy, acne and diaper rash. 


Antiproliferative and apoptotic effects of chamomile extract in various human cancer cells.