Rose Absolute



     By inhaling Rose essential oil it can help to relieve anxiety, stress and depression. The smell of Rose will help bring a smile to your face and make you feel more relaxed. 

     Rose essential oil is known to balance hormones, and increase libido. It can be useful for men who suffer from sexual dysfunctions due to stress and anxiety. By balancing hormones Rose can be used to improve mood and reduce hot flashes when going through menopause. And some research shows that it can strengthen the uterus, which can help menstrual cycle issues. If using Rose to relieve menopause it should be mixed with Clary Sage, because it is one of the best essential oils for regulating hormones. 

Skin Care

     Rose essential oil is great for the skin; it eliminates acne and is an antimicrobial. Rose essential oil increases the skins permeability, allowing it to absorb nutrients through the skin better. Although a word of caution, it also allows chemicals to be more easily absorbed through the skin. Do not add Rose essential oil to a product with harsh or toxic chemicals.