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Singing bowls are an ancient tradition dating back 2,400 years in India, Nepal and Tibet. Traditionally the singing bowls were made by four people who crafted them until they were tuned to seven different tunes. These seven different sound vibrations are tuned to the seven heavenly bodies in the solar system which align with the seven main chakras. 

Chakras are energy centred in the body and correspond to neural networks branching from the spinal cord and the glands that are located in the endocrine system. It takes time to learn how to align the chakras with singing bowls but when achieved you can balance yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each chakra is also linked to a specific colour, seed mantra, body centre and various human qualities. 

Vibrations signify our health and well-being, singing bowls can be used to retune us to proper health. The sound and vibration of singing bowls can shift energy frequencies in the body from a low frequency to a high one, which eliminates feelings of fear, anger and resentment. For this reason singing bowls are a great aid in meditation bringing out feelings of peacefulness.

Quantum physics has proven everything has a vibration. When one has good intentions, the sound vibrations can raise the bodies vibrations. This raise in the bodies vibration can decrease stress and blood pressure, and can increase concentration, immunity, creativity and align the chakras. 

Singing bowls can be used for your crystals in the same manner. By placing your crystals in your singing bowl the vibrations eliminate any negative energy that your stones may carry. 

Singing bowls are great for in the home. They are great for yoga, meditation, aligning the chakras, cleansing yourself and your crystals. At The Topiary we carry a wide variety of crystal bowls from ancient, hand crafted bowls to crystal bowls. When shopping for a singing bowl that is right for you it is important to listen and feel the vibrations of the bowl. Here at The Topiary we are happy to help you find the prefect singing bowl for you and answer any further questions you have about singing bowls. 

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