Smudging is a ancient practice used by Native Americans to purify an area with sacred herbs. Smudging should be used if one is feeling stuck, negative in any way, sluggish or even depressed. Smudging can get rid of negative energy or unwanted energy in an area. Sage and other sacred herbs release negative ions which has been linked to bring out a more positive mood in people and a more positive energy in a room. Smudging is a good practice for the workplace or home. Smudging with white sage is a great practice for the home since it has been proven to have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, among others. 

Before smudging, you should begin by opening your windows and doors. Then place your smudging herbs in an Abalone shell or light the tip of smudge stick with a lighter or matches, then blow the flames out and let the herbs smoulder. If purifying a room take your shell and start at the door way, use a feather to move the smoke throughout the room. When finished smudging the room, the shell can be left to let the remaining herbs burn.  

The Topiary cares a wide variety of smudging herbs, Abalone shells, clay pots and feathers. We also carry everything you need for burning resins and incense, with a wide variety of incense to choose from. 

Types of Smudge

White Sage –  a sacred ceremonial herb used for cleansing and purifying a space or person, both spiritually and physically of any negative or unwanted energy.

Blue Sage – holds the same properties as white sage, but with a lighter and sweeter smell.

Lavender – brings balance by creating a peaceful and relaxing environment. Welcomes loving energy.

Desert Sage – is cleansing, protective and healing. It brings strength and is very powerful against negative energies.  

Mountain Sage – a strong sage and works great against negative energy in the home or workspace. It is a great sage for cleansing your crystals and mixes well with other smudging herbs.

Cedar – is protective, cleansing, and healing. It is ideal for cleansing a new home or space when first moving in to get rid of lingering energy from previous owners. Helping to create protection and welcome positivity in your new space. 

Palo Santo – is cleansing and grounding, it clears away negative energy and welcomes a joyful and harmonious atmosphere, helping to increase relaxation.

Sweet grass – one of the most sacred herbs, it drives away negativity and invites positive energy.

Mugwort – is very protective and cleansing. It pushes away anything negative and creates a shield around your space, keeping any negative energy at bay. It is also used to stimulate psychic awareness and induces prophetic dreams. 

Juniper - has a sweet and spicy fragrance and can be used to bless an area and invite in abundance. Juniper can awaken the spirit and dust off negative thoughts. It is best to use juniper when feeling energetically depleted, full or unmotivated.

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Guide To Resins and how to use them.

Resins are the oldest form of incense made from dried sap or fluid from plants and trees. To burn resin you’ll need a burner that can withstand intense heat, natural ash or sand to put in the burner and charcoal tablets.  Place the charcoal tablet on the ash/sand and carefully light the edge until it sparks, let the charcoal sit until it glows red then carefully sprinkle a small amount of resin in the middle of the charcoal.
*Charcoal tablets will remain hot for an hour*

Amber – The sweet warm aroma soothes and relaxes the mind bringing comfort and protection. Use for balance, clarity and illumination. 

Copal – Traditionally used to cleanse objects, spaces, mind, body and spirit. Use for love and cleansing.

Dragons Blood – Very protective and helps to rid of all kinds of negativity. Use for love, protection and strength.

Frankincense – Possesses powerful healing properties. Use for protection, summoning and cleansing.

Myrrh – Helps clear the air to bring clarity and regenerate your spirit. Use for protection, healing and spirituality. 

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