Smudging is a ancient practice used by Native Americans to purify an area with sacred herb. Smudging should be used if one is feeling stuck, negative in any way, sluggish or even depressed. Smudging can get rid of negative energy or spirits in an area. Sage and other sacred herbs release negative ions which has been linked to bring out a more positive mood in people and a more positive energy in a room. Smudging is a good practice for the workplace or home. Smudging with white sage is a great practice for the home since it has been proven to have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, among others. 

Before smudging, you should begin by opening a window or door. Then place your smudging herbs in an Abalone shell and light with matches or lighter, then blow the flames out and let the herbs smoulder. If purifying a room take your shell and start at the door way, use a feather to move the smoke throughout the room. When finished smudging the room the shell can be left to let the remaining herb burn.  

The topiary cares a wide variety of smudging herbs, Abalone shells, clay pots and feathers. We also carry everything you need for burning resins and incense, with a wide variety of incense to choose from.