Thyme, Thymus Vulgair, is a member of the mint family that is commonly used for cooking. Thyme is native to Southern Europe, Southern Italy and Western Mediterranean. 

Health Benefits

     Thyme is an antiseptic and an antibacterial, because of its caryphylenne and camphene compounds. It cures inflammation and drains congestion from the chest and throat while killing any infections, relieving stress and insomnia. Its antibacterial properties inhibit bacterial growth from intestinal infections and infections in the genitals or urethra. Thyme can also help heal cuts, wounds, scars, and relieve rashes and burns. 

Thyme oil promotes health of your teeth. It prevents tooth decay, gingivitis, reduces plaque and even helps with bad breath. Since thyme has antiseptic and antibacterial properties it kills the germs from within your mouth and reduces the risk of oral infection including gum disease. 

     Thyme increases circulation and relaxes the arteries and veins. By increasing blood flow, stress on the heart and blood pressure are lowered, decreasing the chance of arthritis or a stroke. 

     Thyme essential oil, like many other essential oils, helps to relieve stress, and anxiety, keeping the mind and body open and running in a healthy state.

     Thyme is effective for balancing hormones. In both men and women there are reports of progesterone levels being low. If the body isn’t producing enough progesterone it can lead to infertility, PCOS and depression. Thyme oil improves the body’s production of progesterone, which can delay menopause and helps with symptoms of PMS. Increasing the body’s ability to produce progesterone also helps treat Fibroids. Fibroids are growths of connective tissue that are formed in the uterus. Even though many women will never feel these growths they can cause heavy periods. By producing more progesterone it can help reduce the growth of Fibroids and reduce heavy periods and PMS symptoms. 

Bug Repellent

     Thyme can help keep away pest and parasites including: mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bed bugs, moths and beetles. 

Skin and Hair Care

     Using Thyme on the skin helps to protect against bacteria and fungal infections. It also helps to treat acne, heal cuts, wounds, scars, rashes and burns. When added with Lavender, Cedarwood and Rosemary it makes a great treatment for your hair, leaving it healthier, grow faster and reduces hair loss.