Ylang Ylang



Ylang Ylang 

     Ylang Ylang means the ‘flower of flowers’. It has been desired throughout our history for its thickening effect on hair and calming aroma. Ylang ylang essential oil is taken from the petals of the flowers of a topical ylang ylang tree. 

Health Benefits

     Ylang ylang is great for heart health. It improves blood flow and helps fight inflammation. Ylang ylang, along with frankincense, and lavender, are the best essential oil for controlling blood pressure and preventing heart arrhythmia. There is many ways to improve your heart health with ylang ylang. You can add to carrier oil and rub topically over the heart, take a ylang ylang supplement, or drink ylang ylang tea. 

     Ylang ylang helps with PMS symptoms, reducing cramps, tension and stress when applied topically or ingested.  When topically used over digestive organs it can help with digestive issues. 

     Ylang ylang work directly on the olfactory system of the brain, which has an immediate effect on ones mood. Ylang ylang works as a natural depressant remedy that helps relieve anger and jealousy. Ylang ylang decreases insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome and reduces stress by slowing heart rate. Ylang ylang helps bring in feelings of awareness, confidence, self-love and peace, which makes it a good oil for meditation. 

     Ylang ylang increases libido in both men and women, making you feel more connected to the people around you. 

Hair and Skin Care

     Ylang ylang is another oil that is great in skin care. It helps preserve young healthy skin by preventing signs of ageing and any skin irritations. Studies on Ylang ylang show that it prevents development of skin cancer cells and melanoma, although more research is needed. Ylang ylang is also great for hair care, leaving your hair healthier, shinier and thicker, while preventing tangles, dandruff and hair loss. 

Release Tension 

2 drops ylang ylang 

2 drops frankincense

2 drops roman chamomile 

2 drops lavender

Carrier oil

Rub on shoulders and neck, to relieve tension while the aroma of the oils relaxes your mind.